Sex Slaves

Pensacola, FL: Sixteen-year-old Shauna Newell went to a
Shauna Newell tells her story on MSNBC.

friend's house for a sleepover, and was forced into a life of sex slavery. Newell's mom agreed to the sleepover after weeks of lobbying from her daughter and after meeting the friend's dad. It turns out that the father was a convicted felon and his daughter had a record of prostitution; they conspired to drug Shauna and force her to be raped repeatedly for days by unknown men. Shauna woke up from her drug-induced stupor multiple times, and every time she was being raped by someone different. She managed to call her mother from her cell phone before she was thrown in a van headed for Texas to her new "owner" who had bought her on the internet for $300,000. Shauna's family began a search team, and luckily she was spotted in the van at a gas station. After being raped, drugged, and beaten for three days Shauna was barely alive, and she was airlifted to a hospital where she was resuscitated twice. She had serious injuries and been infected with an STD. Today, Shauna is trying to spread awareness about how easily girls can be adbucted and sold into sex slavery. Her abductors have never been captured.

Clearwater, FL:
A Guatemalan woman in her early twenties was smuggled across the border for what she was told was a housekeeping job to support her family, including her six-year-old daughter. When she finally arrived in Clearwater, she was informed that her debt was $30,000 and she was to repay it through forced prostitution. Over the next nine months she serviced about 25 clients a day, and she earned only $15 per client. When a neighbor reported the brothel house to the authorities because they suspected the house was a site for drug deals, the police discovered that the woman's captor, Carlos Andres Monsalve, was the leader of a sex slavery ring that spread all across Florida. Monsalve's operation had centers through Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties as well as in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee; so far seven slaves have been rescued from his brothel houses and Monsalve received a twenty year sentence for his actions.

kobak.jpgPort Richey, FL: Andrew Kobak was recently arrested for running a prostitution business in Pasco County, Florida. Kobak allegedly made a teenage prostitute sign his "slavery contract" and advertised his business online. The prostitute, Alysandra Cardillo, was allowed to sleep four hours per day and was to use the other twenty hours cooking, cleaning, and entertaining "Maser Drew." Cardillo told authorities that she had been sexually abused by a relative a few years prior, and the trauma triggered bipolar disorder in her. She is currently on medication for her ailment, though she explains that through the pain of being a slave, "that's how I escape." Cardillo is currently living in a domestic violence shelter, and Kobak bailed out of jail for $15,000 shortly after being detained. Click here to read Kobak's contract: Slave Contract